Windows 11 is an upcoming major release of the Windows NT operating system, developed by Microsoft. Announced on June 24, 2021, with an expected release in late 2021. Windows 11 launch update: After more than five years, the tech giant Microsoft recently announced the launch of the next-generation Windows dubbed Windows 11 operating system.

The Windows 11 update follows the existing Windows 10, which was rolled out in 2015. Windows 11 comes as the next big operating system for PCs, laptops, and convertibles. The next-generation Windows brings the new design, Android apps support an and Start menu to the center of the taskbar. There’s no release date for Windows 11 yet, but Microsoft has promised to make it available as a free upgrade to Windows 10 users during the holiday season this year (sometime in November).

Once Windows 11 becomes available, you need to go to Settings on your PC or laptop that runs Windows 10. Now, navigate to Update & Security, followed by a click on Windows Update. Here, you have to Check for Updates by clicking on this button. If available, you will see the update that says Feature update to Windows 11. Click Download and install. Meanwhile, Microsoft has revealed that for Windows 10 users will be able to upgrade to Windows 11 for free.

The new Windows Widgets create an AI-powered personalized feed of the latest news, sports, weather and other updates, based on your interests. Once you download Windows 11 (more on that below), you'll access Widgets from a new tab on the Taskbar. You can resize and arrange the widgets to see what's most important to you. Microsoft's Widgets feature is similar to iOS widgets.

A new Snap Layouts feature helps multitaskers organize apps and windows for easier access. You can group the apps and websites you're using together, and then open the group at once from the Taskbar, instead of individually minimizing and maximizing windows.

If you're used to docking your computer to a monitor, you'll no longer have to rearrange open apps after undocking. Everything stays in place on your PC desktop with Snap Groups, to make it easier to jump back into a project from your monitor to your laptop screen.

Windows also added several new features that make your PC desktop more Mac-like. Now, you can easily toggle between different virtual desktops that you can design for gaming, work or personal interests to keep you organized and working efficiently. Windows introduced voice typing and commands across Windows 11, a popular feature for Apple users.

With Windows 11 introduce Chat from Microsoft Teams integrated in the taskbar. Now you can instantly connect through text, chat, voice or video with all of your personal contacts, anywhere, no matter the platform or device they’re on, across Windows, Android or iOS. If the person you’re connecting to on the other end hasn’t downloaded the Teams app, you can still connect with them via two-way SMS.

Windows 11 takes gaming to a whole new level with graphic capabilities that rival reality. Discover your next favorite game with Xbox GamePass, giving you access to over 100 high-quality games.

Minimum System Requirements for Windows 11

Processor : 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC)
Memory : 4 GB RAM
Storage : 64 GB or larger storage device
System firmware : UEFI, Secure Boot capable
TPM : Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
Graphics Card : DirectX 12 compatible graphics / WDDM 2.x
Display : >9” with HD Resolution (720p)
Internet Connection : Microsoft account and internet connectivity required for setup for Windows 11 Home

Please note that there are unverified links available to download Windows 10 update on the internet, but readers are advised to ignore such links. Ahead of the official release of Windows 11, a download link was leaked, and it revealed almost everything about the next-generation Windows. This is an unverified download link. To download the verified build of Windows 11, you will need to wait for a few more months. To be specific, the wait will go on till later this year. The exact release date hasn’t been revealed by the company yet.

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